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The Southend Seal

A washed up seal pup was discovered under the pier at Southend earlier this week after it had been separated from its mother and stranded by the tide.

The pup who was only 10 days old was discovered by crews from the piers staff. When found, the little pup was very dehydrated but thankfully has been taken to a rehabilitation centre in Kent to recover with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation.  

The seal will be taken care of at this facility until it is old enough and strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Anyone who has concerns about marine wildlife can call the rescue service on 01825765546 or 07787433412.

Additionally, the British Divers Marine Life organisation will be documenting the recovery of the seal pup on their website here.

We here at Southend Airport Business Park have been warmed by the story of this little seal pup on Southend Pier, we commendt he BDML charity for all the hard work that they do for our community and wish the seal a swift recovery and release.

Our Business Park here in Southend is located right by the airport, and as the most significant development of it’s kind in Southend in modern times, we are proud to say we are part of that same growth.

So get in contact to find out more about how your business could fit into Southend’s most significant project of its kind in modern times.