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Southend To Be Boosted by New Thames Gateway Growth Plan

As Airport Business Park is a new and upcoming development in Southend, we felt it only appropriate to inform everyone about the upcoming growth plan that has been launched recently. World-leading experts from across business and government launched a Thames Estuary growth plan last year, to boost productivity, attract and retain skilled workers and capitalise on major infrastructure works. 

The 'Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission' was unveiled at an event at the Queen Elizabeth II Park, and promised to put in place a vision, which will "unleash growth for decades to come". The Commission led by Lord Heseltine – the architect of some of Britain's most successful regeneration projects like London Docklands and Liverpool city centre – will consult with businesses and others before submitting their plans to the Chancellor ahead of the Autumn Statement 2017. Lord Heseltine will say today: "This government is determined to ensure every part of the country benefits from a growing economy and all the evidence suggests that the Thames Estuary has incredible economic potential. "This Commission presents a wonderful opportunity, not only to make the most of plans already afoot, but to look beyond that and forge ahead with a vision to unleash growth for decades to come. The Thames Estuary region stretches 40 miles from Canary Wharf in London to Southend in Essex and Thanet in Kent. With a population of more than 3 million its unique location and potential means it is a long-term national priority for growth. 

In the Budget 2016 the Chancellor announced that a new Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission would be formed to take current investment to another level – to create jobs and opportunity along the mouth of the Thames Estuary for decades to come. Now a team of 17 world-leading experts have been brought together to set out how to make this vision a reality. The Commission's initial work will focus on 6 work streams:

  1. Creating high productivity clusters
  2. Increasing connectivity
  3. Creating new homes and communities
  4. Securing investment
  5. Harnessing innovation in the built environment
  6. Putting it together: centres of excellence

The Commission will take account of major projects and current industry planning processes involving a range of organisations, including but not limited to Highways England, Network Rail, Transport for London, local government and the Local Enterprise Partnerships. The Commission will not, however, seek to re-open or delay existing work being undertaken by any of the above. Instead it will look at how to make the most of these opportunities, including what related infrastructure may be required to accelerate growth. 

This growth plan will greatly enhance Southend. Not only will it greatly influence homes and communities, but will also have a positive effect for us at Airport Business Park. With the commission taking into account all major projects regarding travel, we would expect to see an increase in business in and around the park.