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Southend Marine Plaza Makes Headway

The £100million Marine Plaza development makes headway as Southend council ensure that affordable housing remains within the plans.

The new Marine Plaza development on the Southend seafront has moved forward after issues surrounding its initial planning approval. The developer of the project was attempting to amend the initial proposal by removing all affordable housing within the scheme, this, however, was rejected by the council. Inner London Group, the company behind the development, claimed that the changes were needed because plans had become “financially unviable” due to increased costs. But after a re-think and a more efficient distribution of funds, the firm have submitted a new proposal including all the agreed affordable housing but with changes made to its section 106 agreements, focusing primarily on a new timeline for monetary contributions.

Southend Marine Plaza - Airport Business Park Southend[/caption] Inner London Group was not querying the amount of money it will pay, which includes £160,334 in educational contributions, £40,000 for pedestrian signs and £10,000 off-site planting, but rather adjusted when the money would be paid. The new terms have been recommended for approval by planning officer Amanda Rogers ahead of the council’s development committee on July 4. The report reads, “Since submission, the applicant has now made a more favourable proposal in respect of the education contribution in the interests of simplicity." Councillor Mark Flewitt of St Laurence Ward said, “If this reinstatement of affordable homes is accepted by my colleagues on the development committee then I am very pleased because this shows the strength of having a public consultation and councillor input." Larry Fenttiman, a director of Inner London Group, expressed his optimism about the huge project moving in the right direction, “These amendments are mainly just a bit of housekeeping and are not going to stop us moving forward. Our initial enabling works started a few weeks ago but this is a large project and construction is expected to go on for five years.” The huge Southend Marine Plaza development is a sign of the growth of the region, and it will be a huge injector into the local economy. The Plaza will bring new business to the area as there will be a large array of restaurants, bar and shops - almost 300 new homes will be created in the scheme as well with prime location looking out over the sea. For us here at Airport Business Park Southend, we are proud to be contributing to the local economy in this way and it excites us to see more and more investment coming into the area. Set up right next to the thriving London Southend Airport, our location offers unrivalled space with direct access to the consumers coming in and out of the airport - a number which is growing by the day and will continue to rise due to the huge vote of confidence from Ryanair to set up their new base right here in Southend. To find out more about Southend's brand new Business Park, contact us and we'd be happy to talk you through what we're all about and why this is the best place for your business.