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Southend Airport at the forefront of trialling drone tracing technology

Southend airport has been trialling new anti-drone technology, the Essex airport system can spot and track drones as well as locating the operator.

 Previously it has been nearly impossible to find who was flying drones near the airport. This new technology will mean drone users can now be caught and arrested.

 Rogue drone operators are becoming a big problem for airports and can stop flights.

 Damon Knight, Head of Southend Airport traffic control services has stated: “we do not have any outstanding issues with ‘rogue’ drone operations at London Southend. However, we recognise thatthere is a wider problem for the aviation industry and so as an airport we have been very involved in understanding how we can deal with the issue.”

 Metis Aerospace Skyperion product, which was successfully tested at Southend Airport all the way back in May, is working through a combination of radio frequency and optical sensors to detect nearby hobbyist-class unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

 A series of “tame” drones were employed near the airport in order to test how the equipment worked in an “as live”situation. The equipment involves two airfields which offer 360-degree coverage up to 4kms – in all weathers, 24 hours a day feeding back real time information to a control station located within the Air Traffic Control team.

 Glyn Jones, Chief Executive officer of Stobart Aviation, owners of Southend Airport said “when we heard about the potential benefits of this new technology for the whole aviation industry we were only too pleased for London Southend to lead the way and help in trialling it. We are delighted this has been a success and look forward to seeing where this project goes next.”

 We here at Southend Airport Business Park we are excited by all the technological advancements being trialled on our very own doorstep and are excited for what the future of aviation has in store.

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