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Frank Van Wezel - Hi-Tec Shoes

We at Southend Airport Business Park love innovative ideas and want to do as much as we can to nurture and aid others in making strides in their fields of expertise. This is one of the key ideas behind our new innovation centre. This area is perfect for small businesses or start up companies to be based at. With easy connection to be made with other small businesses there’s no reason you couldn’t be the new Frank van Wezel.

Not many people will have heard of Frank van Wezel, a businessman local to Southend. Born in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, Frank’s success began early on in life. He graduated with honours from Nyenrode Business University, Amsterdam.  After completing his National Service obligations as a Lieutenant in the Dutch Air Force Frank worked and studied in London and Paris before moving to East Africa where he lived for 10 years. On his return from East Africa Frank moved to Essex in England where his love of Squash and Tennis led him to build an innovative, lightweight and instantly comfortable Squash shoe in 1974. This is where his company began. Frank identified the need for a specialist squash shoe, drew together funding and his “inkling took off like a shot and demand just grew from there”.

Since then Hi-Tec has grown in one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, developing a large and prestigious clientele ultimately becoming the Official Shoe of Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1995, Hi-Tec sponsored athlete and three-time World Squash Champion Nick Matthew through his career while now sponsoring the famous Walk of the World.

With its head offices based in Southend, Frank and his Hi-Tec’s sport hiking boots and signature squash shoes typifies the creative and business spirit capabilities at airport business park’s innovation centre.