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Climate change has left Essex rivalling the Champagne region

The temperatures of summer 2018 were record high, as climate change is driving warmer growing seasons in England and Wales certain areas in the UK have been identified to contain ideal soil, climate and terrain, matching those of the French Champagne region.

Viticulture and climate experts from the University of East Anglia (UEA) have identified around 86,000 acres of British countryside that is prime land for vineyards. Some of the best areas identified included Essex and Suffolk as these regions are drier warmer and more stable year to year than other established vineyard locations.

Professor Steve Dorling, from UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences, has stated that “English and Welsh vineyards are booming, and their wine is winning international acclaim”.


Following the UK’s heatwave from this past summer there has been a record grape harvest and a vintage year for English and Welsh wine, encouraging significant interest and investment in land opportunities.


Lead author Dr Alistair Nesbitt states that the research “enabled us to identify areas ripe for future vineyard investments, but they also showed that many existing vineyards are not that well located so there is definitely room for improvement and we hope our model can help boost future productivity”


However, typically grape yield in England and Wales tend to be relatively low therefore the primary aim of this researchis to identify optimum locations to plant vineyards therefore improving the sector’s strength against the UK’s often unpredictable weather.


The research, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, is published in the Journal of Land Use Science.


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