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Axis: the £1m ride has arrived at Adventure Island

Southend’s Adventure Island has just landed brand new ride Axis costing over £1 million.

Axis has a circle of seats suspended from a tall structure, riders will face outward and the seats spin while simultaneously the ride will swing like a giant pendulum. The new ride can hold 24 people spinning riders back and forth, around and upside down at over 100 feet in the air.

The new ride weighs a whopping 150 tonnes and arrived to the theme park over the course of last week on seven separate lorries from Italy.

Axis includes and impressive state of the art 53,700 LED lighting system which is computer controlled and according to bosses can be seen from the moon.

The arrival of axis has set back Stockvale, the park owners, over £1 million, and is the parks largest ride investment since the Rage Rollercoaster over 12 years ago.

Managing director Marc Miller has stated: “The idea came from a visit my uncle Philip made with his daughter Hannah to NewYork, whilst there they visited the iconic cony island amusement park.

“It has similar demographics and history to Adventure Island inasmuch it sits on the coast with a big city nearby and atone time was very run down.”

Visitors are said to be very excited by thenew rides arrival, and Southend Locals have been watching the construction ofthe new ride over the past week in great anticipation.

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