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Aviation In 2017 - What To Expect

We at Southend Buisness Park want to keep up to date with the recent changes in Aerospace technology and news so we have complied a short article of what to expect in 2017 when it comes to aviation. We realise that 2016 has been a tough year for the aviation industry with carriers having to navigate to collapse in oil prices. However it is worth noting that in last year, passenger numbers were still up despite the collapse in oil prices and holidaying abroad is now becoming a social norm. So what does 2017 hold in store? Here are some trends we are watching out for at Southend: Supersonic Passenger Planes 

We all remember the iconic Concorde even if its been over a decade since the plane was retired from service. However Brittish billionaire Sir Richard Branson is looking to bring back the age of supersonic flight once again. His company Virgin Galactic is working with a US start-up Boom to develop the XB-1, which is beng plugged as the worlds fastest civil aircraft ever made! Boeing and Lockheed Martin are also developing supersonic passenger jets but Sir Richard is hoping to beat them to the punch. The prototype, nicknamed “Baby Boom” will see its first test flight later this year, however the first commercial flight of its scaled up successor is not expected until 2023. The XB-1 is designed to carry 40 passengers at a time and fly between London and New York in just three hours and 15 minutes. The expected price for a flight? A mere £2,500 each way… We at Southend recommend you start saving now if you fancy trying out supersonic commercial flights! Ultra long air routes Forget about comparing plane sizes, this year will be focused on route lengths and who can claim the title of world's longest flight operator.

Emirates currently holds the crown with the 14,200km (8,820 miles) journey between Dubai and Auckland. That flight takes 16 hours and 5 minutes eastbound and 17h 25m westbound. Its rival Qatar Airways will overtake that in February, when it also launches a non-stop flight from Doha to New Zealand's largest city, covering 14,542km, with a flight time of between 17 and a half hours and 18 and a half hours. To put that in perspective, you would be able to watch every single Harry Potter film, excluding credits throughout the whole flight with a total run time of 17 hours and 45 minutes. We at Southend feel this would be a perfect way to spend a flight before a holiday in Auckland! In terms of kilometres, the longest route is Air India's Delhi to San Francisco (15,300km) - which now flies over the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic - but because of favourable tailwinds takes only 14 and a half hours. We at Southend cannot wait and are excited to see all the new developments coming into the field of aviation. We feel that any new development, no matter how small will be very welcomed and interesting and we are excited to see the new avenues these developments will open, especially in supersonic flight! Read the full article here.